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September 07 2017

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i will Take Him

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Francois Octave Tassaert, The Cursed Woman, 1859

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Holuhraun eruption by Fredrik Holm.

(par fredrikholm.se)

More Landscapes here.

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1978 Japanese poster for Star Wars. Artwork credited to Seito, based on the design by Tom Jung.

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Scumbag Sparrow

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Shin Godzilla UFO catcher #godzilla #japan (at Game Taito Station)

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Kitten and Ferret

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this is now a complete adult lunchable

I feel like my bank account was just charged $5 simply for looking at this.

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#can we just appreciate the fact that the Queen agreed to be a BOND GIRL just for one night?

What I think is totally awesome is that Daniel Craig said that the Queen was supposed to look up straight away, but she improvised the letter writing and completely blanked him, so the awkward standing there was completely realisitic. The Queen ignored James Bond because she was ACTING.

She ain’t called the Queen for nothing, kids.

I remember watching this live and thinking, ‘that’s not the Queen, no way.’ Then she turned around and HOLY FUCK! THAT’S THE ACTUAL QUEEN! 

And that’s why the 2012 Opening Ceremony will forever be my favourite.

My favourite thing is that you can tell Craig is, underneath the stoic Bondness, going EEEEE EEEEEE EEEEEE I AM ACTING WITH THE QUEEN EEEEEE I AM BEING BOND WITH THE ACTUAL FUCKING QUEEN NO OTHER BONDS GOT TO DO THIS EEEEE. 

I feel this is also a realistic feeling for Bond in this moment so really excellent method Mr Craig. 

Also, she made them change the helicopter they were going to use because she knew it was the wrong type of helicopter.

ALSO they brought her the script for approval and she was all “Cool, can I play me?” and they were all “Um…yes?” because originally they were going to cast for the part.

The Queen’s knowledge of all things vehicular is always worth a reblog.

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